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CT & MRI Scan

Together we make the difference in minimally invasive treatment to improve patient outcomes and save lives.

With our image-guided therapy systems we aim to remove barriers to safer, more effective, and more reproducible treatments, delivering relevant clinical value where it’s needed most — at the point of patient treatment. Together, we open doors to new procedures and techniques that truly make a difference to people’s lives while driving growth and reducing the cost of care.

As a leading company with the guiding principle “Technology for Health”, human health is our top priority. Our products and services protect, support and save lives. It is precisely in such a situation that we want to demonstrate this by doing our utmost.

Computed Tomography

We are advancing patient care with innovations in CT product design, radiation dose management, image quality and advanced clinical applications.

MRI systems

New levels of speed and productivity as they drive confident diagnoses and foster a brighter, more confident future for everyone.

Maintain high standards

Since most steps are fully automated, you can perform routine volumetric evaluations efficiently and in a repeatable manner right from the MRI console.

See clearly in treatment planning

Quickly execute complete imaging protocols for prostate, female pelvis, brain, head and neck, and spine.

New levels of speed & productivity

Confident diagnoses

Enhance patient/staff satisfaction by creating positive experiences

Seamless workflow integration

Calcium suppression & electron density results

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