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X-ray Devices

Tailor-made digital radiography systems

Select from an extensive range of reliable and easy to use digital X-ray machines to help meet your everyday clinical and economic challenges. Our DR systems are highly customizable. From mobile units to complete room set-ups, choose a DR solution that fits your workflow and budget.

As a leading company with the guiding principle “Technology for Health”, human health is our top priority. Our products and services protect, support and save lives. It is precisely in such a situation that we want to demonstrate this by doing our utmost.

Superior image quality

Multiresolution software harmonizes contrast & enhances details. It adapts to the output medium and detects the appropriate region of interest, automating the contrast process to give you greater image harmony and clarity.

Fast, high-quality images enhance patient experience

5 minutes can make a big difference to patient management, especially in an emergency situation where the patient can become unstable quickly. The efficient digital X-ray equipment delivers excellent image quality without losing precious time.

Mobile X-ray system can access all hospital areas

Deliver premium digital radiography (DR) to immobile patients in all areas of the hospital.

Wireless detector for versatile, comfortable positioning

Enjoy quick & easy exam performance using wireless portable detectors and its accessories. Flexible positioning makes exams more comfortable.

Highly customizable

From mobile units to complete digital X-ray rooms

Fits your workflow & budget

Avg. 34 sec. time saving compared with workflow with a grid for bedside chest X-rays

Unique image quality

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