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Functional Beds

Setting the standards for patient stretchers

Integrating state-of-the-art technologies and intuitive, ergonomic features, supplied by TAMYNA hospital beds set new standards of safety and efficiency in surgical and intensive wards.

Keeping caregivers safe and operational is a key priority for every care facility. Built-in intuitive care controls and nurse assist features.

As a leading company with the guiding principle “Technology for Health”, human health is our top priority. Our products and services protect, support and save lives. It is precisely in such a situation that we want to demonstrate this by doing our utmost.

Safe & easy patient mobilisation and transport

Higher levels of patient acuity mean that caregivers need to give more assistance than ever before.

A self-explanatory operating concept

Can be used right out of the box thanks to its outstanding ease of use.

Suitable accessory for any everyday situation

Ready for any situation thanks to a wide range of optional accessories.

Hygiene & safety

Elimination of almost all germs thanks to antimicrobial coating with silver ions — multidrug-resistant pathogens don’t stand a chance.

High level of safety

Robust side guards are easy & safe

Bilateral user interface at the Point of Care for ease & convenience

Unrestricted mobility

Integrated weigh scale & in-bed thoracic x-rays

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